February 22, 2024

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A robot guide in the Polytechnic Museum. Moscow, 1969

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The robot tour guide “Sepulka” is an unofficial symbol of the Polytechnic Museum. His height is 1.7 m and his weight is 49 kg. “Sepulka” has a decorative grille in the form of a stylized mouth, which covers the loudspeaker, and maneuverable wheels that allow him to move around.
He conducted tours – voiced a pre-recorded text and moved on the floor with a group of visitors. A special radio remote control was used to control the robot – later, in 2001, it was replaced by an infrared remote control.

Sepulka got its name thanks to the work of Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, one of the classics of science fiction. In The Star Diaries of Jonah Quiet, Lem introduced the concept of “sepulka,” the meaning of which remains a mystery to both the character and the reader. The word “sepulka” became a science fiction meme, a synonym for a vicious circle of definitions.

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